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Millions of people from around the world visit the spectacular Louvre Museum every year. For most it is a short visit, but for many more it is a destination of special interest. For that reason visitors often look for quality hotels near the Louvre Museum that offer good deals and excellent standards in luxury Paris accommodation.

Great value deals for luxury Louvre hotels are always available here at Paris Best Hotels where we focus on the latest promotions for hotels close to The Louvre Museum. With these comes the opportunity to avail of lower prices and special extras provided by our hotels for the benefit of guests. These first class Paris hotels show a keen interest in attracting visitors with cheap Louvre hotel offers that can save you money during your stay. And from the moment you place your booking, both your reservation and chosen offer are instantly confirmed.

The museum itself contains some of the most famed and beautiful art collections to be found anywhere in the world. With a history going back to 1190, its wonderful treasures are presented over four floors and it's quite an undertaking to view the vast number of works on display. For art enthusiasts, it's certainly wise to consider selecting from hotels in The Louvre area as a base for your Paris stay, so as to allow more time to see all of the exhibits.
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