Paris Tourist Attractions - The Arc De Triomphe

The famous giant arch was first commissioned by Napoleon in 1806, but it took until 1836 for this landmark feature to be finally completed. The arch itself is a formidable 50m tall and 45m wide, decorated with battle scenes and some impressive sculptures. Making the time to go to the top is well worth while for the chance to appreciate some striking streetscapes and to admire the rich legacy of Hausmann.

Napoleon originally conceived the grand triumphal arch as a work of self aggrandisement that would commemorate his own glorious military victories. However, as time passed and his reputation fell into disfavour so too did interest in honouring the diminutive Emperor.

Now an eternal flame commemorates the memory of the dead of World Wars I and II. It is also the final resting place of the unknown soldier who in 1920 was interred in the tomb which can be seen at the arch’s base.

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